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YCH: Kitten in a Tube [Pinkie] by FaithLeafCat

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Robosexual Stamp by Foxy-Trash
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FREE to 10 POINT Custom SY6 Robot Model Character
Free only on Saturdays:  Custom SY6 Robot SATURDAYS!That's right!
SY Industries is opening every Saturday for FREE CUSTOM SY6 robots!
We can build your custom SY6 robot for free on Saturdays only.
This does not include body attachments.
See the description below for information on our robots.
Ask us questions if you are unsure on something.
Feel free to join our group also!
Submit this form filled in on a Saturday to obtain your free custom robot:
1.Model Type:
2.Eye(s) (shape description):
3.Mouth (shape description):
4.Mouth and Eye Normal Color:
5.Mouth and Eye Glitch Color:
6.Screen Color (optional):
7.Claw/Tripod Color (optional):
Information about the form:
1.The current models that are available are SY67, SY68, and SY69. See description for what they look like.
2+3.If you want default eye or mouth shape, just put Default next to the options. The SY69 model can have two different shaped eyes.
4.The normal color for eyes and mouth is what you see when your robot is working fine. You would see this color all the time unless somethin

Robot Information: :iconsy-robots:

Form to fill in: Send it in a NOTE.

1.Model Type: 

2.Eye(s) (shape description): 
3.Mouth (shape description): 
4.Mouth and Eye Normal Color: 
5.Mouth and Eye Glitch Color: 
6.Screen Color (optional): 
7.Claw/Tripod Color (optional): 

Information about the form:

1.The current models that are available are SY67, SY68, and SY69.

2+3.If you want default eye or mouth shape, just put Default next to the options. The SY69 model can have two different shaped eyes.

4.The normal color for eyes and mouth is what you see when your robot is working fine. You would see this color all the time unless something is wrong with your robot.

5.The glitch color for eyes and mouth is what you would see when your robot is not functioning right. Seeing this color means something is wrong with your robot and it needs fixed.

6.If you want the default colored screen (black), put Default next to the option.

7.The claw, which can be used as a tripod stand, can be colored.
FREE to 20 POINT Custom Sylphormer Character
Sylphormers Species Guide ( IS A CLOSED SPECIES! )The Sylph/Sylphormers species.
Type One has two eyes and a mouth. Type Two has one eye on the right. Type Three has one eye on the left.
GENDERS- (MALE+FEMALE) Both genders have the same body formation/parts: I just add boobs to let others know who likes being female...XD But really in way... There are no genders!
HAIR- Is [leftover/unused] or [old/dead] energy/air from the Sylph.
HEAD- The head is a massive ball of high pressured air. The head is where the main core is. The main core inside the head is what we call the brain! This core is like the earths core. It spins rapidly to make gravity. This gravity holds all of the air the Sylph keeps as its whole body! So in simpler terms, the Sylph is like a planet... only smaller♥
EYES- The eyes usually don't come with any colors... Normal eyes are black or white, or both sometimes. Eyes with both black and white usually have pupils. The pupils can be black while the irises can be white. However, the pupils can be white, and the irise
 Raven by Sylphica Sylphicas full body by Sylphica Chibi by Sylphica Sylphica REF by Sylphica Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls by Sylphica Minstaunsa by Sylphica Bust by Sylphica Beauty in Her True Form by Sylphica Picture This by Sylphica Playing with eyeliner... by Sylphica Messy Bun Style by Sylphica

READ HERE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free-Little Detail (Not much detail)
10 Points-Medium Detail (A good amount of detail)
20 Points-Large Detail (A lot of detail)

To obtain your FREE or POINT Sylphormer,
Fill out the form below and send it in a NOTE.

Read this before filling out the form. So you know what to think of!

TYPE means what species of Sylph you want. Ask me for details.

GENDER is either a Female looking Sylph, or a Male looking Sylph. You may even have one that looks like both genders or look genderless.

AGE- Full grown Sylphs are 1 year old. They can live up to 900 to 1000 years as long as their bodies can hold air.

EYE COLOR can be any color you want.

HAIR COLOR is normally black, but it can be any color that you want.
HAIR STYLE. Sylphs have hair styles to match their personalities. Choose a style that best matches what you want and maybe even send a picture of it.

BODY COLOR is typically grey or white. Blue shades and tints are also common. You may choose any color you want as long as it is a COOL COLOR. Examples are, blue, green, purple... HOT COLOR Sylphs are RARE. If you want a hot colored Sylph, it will cost you points. Examples are, red, yellow, orange...

BODY MARKINGS are always black. Sometimes they can be colored. These markings are almost always scars from fights, birth, injury, self-inflicted, or experimental. They can be tattoos. If you want a tattoo, it must be black. If you want colored, it will cost points. If the tattoo is too detailed, I might not wanna do it. But if you want detailed, it would cost points. Detailed Sylphs cost points.

EXTRAS/ACCESSORIES includes anything that is not pierced. No piercings.

ABILITIES can be anything from the AIR/WIND element. Ask for examples of the things air and wind can do.

IF any questions, ask me. I hope this clarified anything in the form.
You may ask if you want it made on my Kindle Fire using SketchBook. If you don't ask, it will be made in Microsoft Paint. I would make a reference sheet of the Sylph once the form is completed and sent to me. Please allow 2 to 4 days after I reply back. It might be shorter than that. I don't know. It depends on how you want it. Please ask questions if you are not sure on anything. But you must have read all of this. I will test you to see if you have!~

TYPE (1, 2, or 3)- 











Sylphica has started a donation pool!
649 / 9,000
My goal is OVER 9000!!!!
Points given will be saved and gifted to hard working artists for their art.
I will keep some Points to buy a Premium Membership too.
Also, :icondahub: is the page to go to if you want to work for Points.
I use dAhub to earn most of my Points because my adopts don't sell as well.

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